March 2014

New Holland Extraction Ltd. are a specialist Toll Extraction Company specialising in niche market oil seeds. During the summer of 2013 they approached Kiddotco to brand their latest venture which was a de-fatted wheat germ product called Bettergerm™.

Working closely with their marketing department, we established a dynamic brand which could be applied on a range of mediums from an e-commerce web presence, packaging, marketing material and corporate events banners used across Europe. With any start-up product it's always a challenge to establish yourself in such a niche market. The product has gone on to be used in a variety of high profile products introduced by the leading cereal manufacturers in the world.

The online presence and promotion includes recipes with the products used an ingredient and email campaigns for the subscribers to the products information. They all have to keep within the brand for consistency and to be easily recognised. The colour scheme used was to determine the different flavours of the products but also give a natural feel to keep with the origins of the de-fatted wheat germ product.

We continue our strong working relationship with their promotion both online and offline.

Bettergerm | Altogether better baking | Branding
Bettergerm | Altogether better baking | Branding
Bettergerm | Branding Bettergerm | Altogether better baking | Website