Brown Owl Kids

May 2014

KidDotCo was asked to create an exciting and dynamic brand for a children's active toy company - Brown Owl Kids. Having scoured the internet, their creator Emma Brown was brought to our site through the work we had done for 'Pals at Play'. They were interested in having a brand which - like a lot of the brands we have created - is instantly fun, bright and bold. It needed to be attractive to their intended target audience - predominantly 'yummy mummies' and parents who like to encourage their children to be active while having lots of fun doing it!

The thread of their start up company is using their family name - Brown. We suggested combining their family name with animal and believed - a wise owl seemed the natural choice as it represented not only fun values but the productive element of the range. We felt it was important that their brand wasn't too cliche - so any reference to an owl was kept subtle. Using a bold colour scheme which 'popped' we created a self-contained owl shape which can be applied to the range of products, advertorials and packaging.

Since its launch, their products have made an impression online and have had great feedback from the blogging community. There are plans for additional products in the range and we will look forward continuing our support with Brown Owl in the future!

Brown Owl Kids | Branding
Brown Owl Kids | Advertorial
Brown Owl Kids | Advertorial