My Hangover Hoody®

March 2014

My Hangover Hoody® is the result of Paul Jamie Kidd's battles with a headache after too many beers, shots and kebabs. After 127 hangovers and trying 134 remedies, he realised the only thing that could cure the mother of all hangovers was a big snuggly hoody and a morning on the sofa. So here's one for you - your very own purpose-built hangover hoody.

I have always been interested in designing t-shirts and graphics for t-shirts - this goes back to when I was a kid and I used to love designing football kits!

The idea arose after a night out with friends - we all shared a common denominator after a heavy night out which was to wear comfy clothes - in particular your favourite hoody and do as little as possible!

It was important I kept the design simple - yet quirky - as I wanted it to appeal to both male and female demographics and of all ages.

Having acquired the registered trademark, I have been lucky to have several celebrity endorsements including Mike Tyson, Tom Fletcher, Sean Astin and most recently Jesse McClure and Papa Bear from the hit series 'Storage Hunters'

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