British Borage Blossoms Here

June 2014

Fresh from their brand update, Fairking Ltd commissioned KidDotCo to brand their Summer campaign 'British Borage blossoms here’. Each year Fairking Ltd team up with New Holland Extraction to try and recruit farmers to work alongside them growing British Borage for the following season. Fairking Ltd required a wide spectrum of marketing materials for the annual farmer’s fair. They purchased a marquee for the event, which we provided the full dressage complete with pull up banners, five panel display and information packs including grower’s guide and key information to distribute to potential collaborators.

Fairking Ltd's original marketing material needed updating to appeal to the current market and have longevity for their five year plan. We believe the campaign should reflect the core values of the family run company, after a little persuasion we got the managing director involved in the photo shoot, to effectively become the face of the campaign. The photography led campaign was instrumental in helping the customer buy into a friendly face not just a product.

British Borage Blossoms Here | Campaign literature