Hein Gericke - 4 The Ride

March 2014

4theride.co.uk was an exciting and original micro site designed to increase footfall in stores throughout UK. Members of the site could exclusively download vouchers to use in store.

The website since its launch has been an incredible success. Hein Gericke was so keen to push this site; it was produced on a number of mediums from print adverts, online banner campaigns. During the race season 4theride.co.uk also did a ‘site takeover’ of British Eurosport, also having over a hundred TV slots during the races.

Furthermore a wide range of promotional items were created which including pens, keyrings, visor stickers, handlebar hangers…

In terms of design, we felt it was important to create a unique extension on the current branding while making the concept ‘our own’. We did this by keeping Hein Gericke's core colour branding and typography but introduced grungy weathered aspects bikers would relate to.

Elements of the print campaign such as models and panoramic imagery I also introduced, to tie it all in and make 4theride.co.uk the ultimate online tool for riders.

Hein Gericke | 4theride.co.uk
Hein Gericke | Print campaign
Hein Gericke | Print campaign Hein Gericke | 4theride.co.uk