Nicholas Deakins

March 2014

KiDotCo have worked on a number of projects for Leeds-based Nicholas Deakins. They asked us to come up with a range of show cards to accompany the launch of their latest range of footwear.

This project was particularly fun as we was given complete rein on the design and concept. The company's range is made up of three divisions, 'Nicholas Deakins', 'Deakins' and 'Nicholas Tate'. Each required their own colour palette and design and particular attention to design elements which are key to the range. 'Nicholas Deakins' focuses on their heritage and their core range - we needed to reflect its British roots and its heritage dating back to 1991. 'Deakins' is a more urban street range aimed at a more younger demographic. Finally their higher-end range 'Nicholas Tate' was themed based on it's Italian and musical influence.

We were really pleased with the outcome of these and were used as a 'Point of Sale' in their flagship store in Leeds as well as mailshots to potential stockists of their range.

Nicholas Deakins | Showcards
Nicholas Tate | Showcards
Deakins | Showcards Nicholas Tate | Showcards